How to Apply




*Please note, only TSSM leadership will have access to any private information.

  1. Each applicant must complete the admissions application. Choose the PDF or Word format to download. Once you complete the application fully, email it to

TSSM 2019 First year application WORD

TSSM 2019 First year application PDF

2. Application Fee: Once you have finished the application, please pay the £30 non-refundable application fee. (Our bank details are on the application form).

3. Application review: Your application is submitted for review when we have received all necessary documents: your completed application, current “passport style” photo, application fee, and three reccommendations. Once TSSM leadership has reviewed your application, and your personal interview has been completed, you will be emailed an acceptance letter.

IMPORTANT-Please have read, When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson, before the first day of school in September.